Himmelskibet 2006
Lounge Chair
Steel, fabric, rubber lining, clear Powder-coating
Links in Clay 2004
Object that links with itself in numerous different ways
clay, fired    6 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches
Flup 2007    
Concept Vehicle               
Mirage maker and Desert hopper
Verj  2007    
LCD Television  
which blends into the interior
Swiv 2007    
Swivelling Kitchen DVD player
Fitto 2007    
Compact Ergonomic Camcorder           
Skyros 2007  
Heli Camera           
Aerial photography
Vromonas 2007    
Personal Water Craft              
Underwater camera, Personal propulsion unit
SOGO 2007    
Stackable Plywood Stool